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Customer service in pocket size

ChatWerk ensures short contact with customers


Everything in view – but nice and relaxed. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have not only faced the challenge of digitizing their customer communication since Corona. From WhatsApp, web chat, Instagram to Facebook and Google Business Messenger: companies are faced with a growing number of messengers in which their customers romp about. A Herculean task in everyday work, for which ChatWerk now has a secure and affordable solution. The “customer center in your pocket” keeps entrepreneurs free. It brings together all the popular messaging messengers in one inbox.

Processing inquiries, clarifying appointments or posting offers is as easy as chatting with friends. In the background, the smart cloud solution takes care of all important updates, data protection and new features.
And on top of that, the partnership with the directories Yellow Pages, The Public and The Telephone Book turns the smart application into a powerful marketing platform.


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