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Here we go! ChatWerk takes off together with Sellwerk

ChatWerk Messenger Chat (Image: ChatWerk)

Be where the customer is. Easy, relaxed and safe. This is our ChatWerk mission. Now we’re getting started with power.

What is ChatWerk?

ChatWerk is about you: about owners and employees of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) who are facing a special challenge. Because on top of your daily job, you should communicate with your customers via all the popular channels from WhatsApp to Facebook – promptly, personally and, of course, in compliance with data protection regulations.

And this is where ChatWerk comes into play. This is namely your “pocket-sized customer center” – tailor-made for companies in the craft and service sectors. With this small but fine app, we give you the opportunity to digitize your customer communication and participate in the rapidly growing interaction via messenger.

ChatWerk ensures that you are present on all channels from web chat, WhatsApp to Google and Facebook, and also collects all of your customer communication in a central inbox. But in a reasonable financial framework, according to all GDPR guidelines and without extensive IT know-how.

Cooperation with Sellwerk

For the development of our customer contact center, we were able to fall back on our own wealth of experience as a medium-sized company as well as on the competence of Müller Medien. The fact that we are a member of this corporate family has another advantage: In addition to our own sales department, ChatWerk is also available as a new service from Sellwerk, the partner for medium-sized companies in matters of digitization, and via the Yellow Pages, Das Örtliche and Das Telefonbuch directories.

The highlight: The message button is already integrated in the respective directory entries. In this way, if you are already a Sellwerk customer, you can simply add the app to your package with one click and get started right away.

Curious? Just take a look in the Sellwerk Facebook campaign!

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