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    Why should you choose Chatwerk for your company?

    A login for all messenger channels means you never miss a contact.
    Inspire new customers and turn your existing ones into real fans.

    • Tailored for SMEs

    We have about 100+ happy SME customers from all areas: including hairdressers, restaurants, retail and Berlin start-ups.

    • Scalable functions and flexible prices

    The ChatWerk Inbox is by far the cheapest SME messenger solution on the market, with flexible packages and prices starting from € 29.

    • Work with 5+ channels

    Whether WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Google – all channels, one login: let your customers choose where they prefer to chat.

    • Up to date with the GDPR

    For us, data protection is more than a regulation. Founded and hosted in Germany, ChatWerk offers 100% GDPR compliance.

    Other companies like yours trust us!

    Used by various SMEs,
    from hairdressers to startups.

    I'm excited. Great team who, as real messenger experts, know exactly what they are doing. Modern communication with the customer is easy and understandable. Highly recommended!
    I Cule
    Great platform, great service and a very personable team!
    Thomas Scherchel
    Great Platform and very helpful support. The WhatsApp connection was great!
    Murilo Guimaraes

    One in three customer messages goes unnoticed. Do you want to protect yourself from that?

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