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    Never again your personal WhatsApp full of business customer inquiries

    WhatsApp API is the best and most professional alternative. Everything at a glance and your customers sorted: the perfect balance between private and business life.

    Benefits for your company

    Collaborate with teams on multiple devices.

    Spread your customer communication and customer relationship over several shoulders. Set up your ChatWerk inbox for you and your team by adding your colleagues and granting individual permissions.

    • Individual login per employee
    • Working in parallel in a team
    Mehrere Geräte und Benutzer

    Don't have time? No problem. Let the bot answer for you!

    The WhatsApp Business API and ChatWerk give you a wide range of options to professionalize your WhatsApp presence and offer a professional service.

    Popular areas are customer service, lead generation, orders, appointment booking and recruiting.

    Automatische Antwortassistent auf WhatsApp

    GDPR-compliant chatting has never been so easy!

    With your ChatWerk you communicate 100% GDPR-compliant. ChatWerk offers secure messengers for companies via the Business APIs. Your ChatWerk accompanies you through all the steps and has texts and tools ready for you so that data protection is not neglected.

    Use the professional support of ChatWerk:

    1. Help with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    2. Step by step instructions in the implementation
    3. GDPR text templates from legal professionals

    Let your ChatWerk inbox answer for you 24/7!

    Different types of autoresponders allow you to pick up your customers in the chat, to provide information on availability or other contact channels.

    Extend WhatsApp time window with text templates.

    In chats such as WhatsApp there is a specified time window for replies (24 hours). If this expires, it is possible to send your customers messages via text templates and thereby encourage them to re-enter the chat or obtain feedback.

    ChatWerk offers you a large list of text templates and allows you to create and submit your own individual text templates.

    Everything you want to know about the WhatsApp Business API

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    More Information

    frequently asked questions

    Everything you want to know about the <b>WhatsApp Business API</b>

    How many users can be added for WhatsApp Business API?

    The number of users depends on the inbox you have booked with ChatWerk. There are 3 users in the package for using the WhatsApp Business API. You can book additional users monthly or annually.

    On how many devices can I use the WhatsApp Business API?

    You or your team can use the WhatsApp Business API via the ChatWerk Inbox on as many devices as you like. Whether tablet, smartphone or desktop – simply download the iOS or Android app or register on the desktop via the web login and get started.

    Which company does the WhatsApp Business API suit?

    WhatsApp suits all companies that want to communicate 100% GDPR-compliant via WhatsApp alone or with a team with their customers or with each other. And that applies to everyone:whether small or medium-sized companies, enterprise or start-ups.

    How can I send a WhatsApp newsletter?

    It’s easy with the WhatsApp API. After the customer has given their opt-in for WhatsApp, you can send them messages.

    These messages may also be of an advertising nature. Facebook pre-screens these messages to prevent companies from sending indiscriminate spam messages to WhatsApp users.

    Choose carefully which information is relevant for your customers and get started!

    How to connect WhatsApp to other messengers?

    WhatsApp can be connected to as many other messengers as possible via the ChatWerk inbox. All messengers go straight to your inbox as usual. By offering several messengers in addition to WhatsApp, you give your customers the opportunity to choose which messenger they want to use to communicate with you.

    How can I embed the WhatsApp Business API in my privacy policy?

    ChatWerk offers you data protection templates for the ChatWerk Inbox and the WhatsApp Business API, which have been checked by a lawyer. You can simply copy this into your existing data protection declaration.

    How much does the WhatsApp Business API cost?

    Since Chatwerk is one of the cheapest messenger apps on the market, your company can start with the WhatsApp plan from 59 euros per month .

    Would you like to save up to 20%? Then sign an annual contract.

    Why should you choose Chatwerk for your company?

    • Tailored for SMEs

    We have about 100+ happy SME customers from all areas: including hairdressers, restaurants, retail and Berlin start-ups.

    • Scalable functions and flexible prices

    The ChatWerk Inbox is by far the cheapest SME messenger solution on the market, with flexible packages and prices starting from € 29.

    • Work with 5+ messengers

    Whether WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Google – all messengers, one login: let your customers choose where they prefer to chat.

    • Up to date with the GDPR

    For us, data protection is more than a regulation. Founded and hosted in Germany, ChatWerk offers 100% GDPR compliance.

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    Great platform, great service and a very personable team!
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    Great Platform and very helpful support. The WhatsApp connection was great!
    Murilo Guimaraes

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