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Email is in the past, Messenger newsletter converts better!

Opening rates of approx. 90% and higher conversion rates than e-mail, only a messenger campaign, e.g. a WhatsApp Newsletter, can do that. Interact with your customers like never before: start your first campaign now!

  • Opening rates of approx. 90
  • All messengers possible – reach customers everywhere
  • More marketing and sales opportunities
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Messenger newsletters ensure better conversions
Directly on the lock screen: newsletter push notification
Closer to your clients than ever before

On the lock screen: newsletter push notification

With the newsletter push notification, information is opened and read in the shortest possible time. On the lock screen, your messages get straight to your audience without restrictions or spam filters.

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Messenger newsletters make it possible

Customer interaction and accelerated sales processes

keyword campaign

Gain new clients

Set one or more keywords for a campaign. Share the keywords via social media, your website, create a link or QR code and share it with your customers.
The customers initiate the campaign with the keyword and are automatically guided through a path.

Did you know? You can also combine your campaigns with our appointment booking bot and other bots. Clever right?

Tip: use discount codes, a great offer or another promotion to draw attention to it!

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newsletter campaign

Take care of your existing customers

Do you want to strengthen your customer loyalty and send regular updates to existing customers?

Then use our existing customer campaign. To do this, you simply create target groups and define a delivery time.
The messages are sent 1:1 to every contact in the target group you have defined.

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Learn how to use newsletters for your business

Success through target groups

With target groups, your campaigns will be more successful and your open rates will increase.

Work with foresight

Campaigns can be planned and thus offer you the opportunity to place discount campaigns at exactly the right time.

More than just text

Take your campaigns and news to the next level and combine texts with links, videos or images.

Simple opt-in and opt-out

Effortlessly meet all GDPR requirements

Focus on your business, not on tedious administrative tasksand stop wasting time on manual opt-ins!

  • Simplify opt-ins with automated campaigns
  • Always data protection compliant
  • Integrated unsubscribe option/opt-out
  • Increase the trust of your leads and grow your subscriber base

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keyword campaign

Work more efficiently and automate your campaigns with bots

Benefit from efficient marketing with the power of artificial intelligence. Automate repetitive tasks with workflows, such as sending product recommendations or reminders about your discount campaigns. This gives you more time to track your leads.

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Works with all messengers
WhatsApp & Co for medium-sized businesses
Facebook Messenger
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