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What are the advantages of Chatwerk over WhatsApp Business?

  • If you want to communicate with your customers via a messenger in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • If you want all messengers (Webchat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp) on one platform bundled. ChatWerk offers ein login for all communication channels!
  • If you use more than one device to handle your messenger communication.
  • If you want to process customer inquiries in a team via an interface or an app.
  • When you are your customers through various contact points ( Widget , Left, QR Codes, FB Ads) want to achieve .

Is the WhatsApp Business API GDPR compliant?

Only the WhatsApp Business API is data protection compliant. These are the advantages:

  • simple opt-in and opt-out
  • Third party contact details cannot be read or passed on
  • secure end-to-end encryption

Which messengers are available?

  • Webchat
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Facebook Business Messenger
  • Google Business Messages
  • Instagram

How can my customers contact me using Messenger?

Your customers have several GDPR-compliant options:

  • JavaScript widget on website
  • link
  • QR code
  • Facebook Ads / Click2WhatsApp

For whom is the ChatWerk inbox suitable?

Regardless of whether you are a sole trader, work for a startup or run a medium-sized company with dozens of branches: We have the right solution so that you can communicate efficiently with your customers via Messenger.

Is Chatwerk GDPR compliant?

Everything you want to know about the WhatsApp Business API

How many users can you add for the WhatsApp Business API?

The number of users depends on the inbox you have booked with ChatWerk. There are 3 users in the package for using the WhatsApp Business API. You can book additional users on a monthly or yearly basis.

How many devices can I use the WhatsApp Business API on?

You or your team can use the WhatsApp Business API on as many devices as you want via the ChatWerk Inbox. Whether tablet, smartphone or desktop – simply download the iOS or Android app or log in to the desktop using the web login and get started.

Which company is the WhatsApp Business API suitable for?

WhatsApp is suitable for all companies that want to communicate 100% GDPR-compliant via WhatsApp alone or with a team with their customers or with each other. And that applies to everyone: whether small or medium-sized companies, enterprise or start-ups.

How can I send a WhatsApp newsletter?

It’s easy with the WhatsApp API. After the customer has given their opt-in for WhatsApp, you can send them messages.

These messages may also be of an advertising nature. Facebook pre-screens these messages to prevent companies from sending indiscriminate spam messages to WhatsApp users.

Choose carefully which information is relevant for your customers and get started!

How can you connect WhatsApp with other messengers?

WhatsApp can be connected to as many other messengers as possible via the ChatWerk Inbox. All messengers go straight to your inbox as usual. By offering several messengers in addition to WhatsApp, you give your customers the opportunity to choose which messenger they want to use to communicate with you.

How can I embed the WhatsApp Business API in my privacy policy?

ChatWerk offers you data protection templates for the ChatWerk Inbox and the WhatsApp Business API that have been checked by a lawyer. You can simply copy this into your existing data protection declaration.

How much does the WhatsApp Business API cost?

Since Chatwerk is one of the cheapest messenger apps on the market, your company can start with the WhatsApp plan from 59 euros per month .

Would you like to save up to 20%? Then sign an annual contract.

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