You know your trade.
We understand ours.

Therefore, we have tailored all functions to your business. Use the basic functions, discover practical features and create your own personal chat work, your app for messenger and customer service.

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Messenger channels

Discover the variety of channels from ChatWerk and be available everywhere. In our all-in-one messenger app you can choose from all common chat providers and put together your own channel mix. In order to enable you all ways to build relationships with your customers, we are continuously expanding our offer (in brief: Apple Business Chat and Instagram Direct ).

Chatting made easy

Chat with your customers as easily as with friends. And be more professional than ever. Your ChatWerk Inbox ensures that you have everything under control, including through:

  • All channels and chat requests in one clear inbox
  • Easily upload and send images & files
  • User profile information
  • Emojis for that personal touch
  • Text templates for effective replies
  • Text modules for individual texts

You and your team

Spread your customer communication and customer relationship over several shoulders. Set up your ChatWerk inbox for you and your team by adding your colleagues and granting individual permissions. Differentiate, for example, between admin and employee and assign corresponding responsibilities.

  • Individual login per employee
  • Working in parallel in a team
  • Assign contacts and filter by employee
  • Transparent chat history & timestamp
Discover more features

24/7 made easy

You may not be able to be online 24/7. Your ChatWerk already.
Make full use of the functions.


Different types of answer assistants allow you to pick up your customers in the chat, to provide information on availability or other contact channels.


A good chatbot welcomes and qualifies the messages of all incoming contact requests. Connect your inbox to a chatbot that has been customized for you.

Communicate with a delay

There are different ways to communicate via your inbox with a delay. This gives you great flexibility without having to forego interactions. Get to know them now!

Settings for security

With your ChatWerk you communicate 100% GDPR-compliant. ChatWerk offers end-to-end encrypted messengers for companies via the Business APIs. So that data protection is not neglected for you, your ChatWerk accompanies you through all steps and has texts and tools ready for you.

Use the professional support of ChatWerk:

  • Help with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Step by step instructions in the implementation
  • Data protection text templates from the legal professional

Convenience on all devices

One application – all devices. The ChatWerk app runs on all your devices (iOs / Android) and synchronizes your mailbox in real time. So you are always up to date everywhere.

Use your ChatWerk when, where and how you like it:

  • Desktop computer
  • Native smartphone app (Android & iOs)
  • Laptop
  • Tablet

Inbox features

Do you want more comfort?

Choose the ChatWerk Comfort package and benefit from the Feature Request Priority.

  • All channels
  • Prioritized feature request
  • Premium support
  • Incl. 10,000 customer contacts
  • Incl. 500 WhatsApp templates for a fee

Choose the ChatWerk Comfort package and benefit from the Feature Request Priority.

Discuss your desired features with our team and stay up to date on what's next in the pipeline.
  • Prioritized feature request
  • All channels
  • Premium support
  • Incl. 10,000 customer contacts
  • Incl. 500 WhatsApp templates for a fee
  • CRM integration