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Create a click to chat link with QR code on WhatsApp in just 4 steps.
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How does the WhatsApp click-to-chat link generator work?

With a WhatsApp link or QR code, your customers can access your WhatsApp chat quickly and directly without having to save your number. So you can communicate securely and securely without detours via WhatsApp Business or an inbox like ChatWerk.

Create a link or QR code with your WhatsApp number for free and easily with the WhatsApp Link Generator. You can then use this link or QR code anywhere – be it with WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business or the WhatsApp Business API.

Create WhatsApp Link & QR Code Generator

The WhatsApp Click-to-Chat Generator makes it easier for companies to communicate with customers.

Create your WhatsApp link

  1. Enter the WhatsApp number you would like to be contacted on.
  2. Create the first message that you want the customer to automatically see in their text box. No emojis are accepted.
  3. Click on “Create”, copy the link and download your individual QR code.
  4. Share your link / QR code wherever you want your customers to be aware of you!

Why should I use WhatsApp Link Generator?

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WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messenger in Germany

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of people prefer sending messages to a company over phone calls.

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the Customers changed provider due to poor service.

frequently asked questions

What is “WhatsApp Click to Chat”?

With this function Your customers can access your WhatsApp chat quickly and directly without having to save a phone number. To do this, you create a link or a QR code that you can share with your customers online and offline.

Where can I use the link or QR code?

  • Share your WhatsApp link or QR code wherever you have customer contact.
  • In your newsletter, in Facebook posts, on Instagram and in your Google My Business profile: Use it wherever your customers will notice you. Use the QR code for flyers, posters and displays. Or print the QR image for your WhatsApp click to Chat link directly to your products.

What does Wa.me mean?

Wa. me means something like “WhatsApp me ”, So write to me directly on WhatsApp.

What are Click-to-WhatsApp Ads?

These are ad formats specially offered by Facebook. With these, you add a button labeled “Send a message” to your ads on Facebook or Instagram. With your click the users land directly in your company’s WhatsApp messenger.

the Click to WhatsApp Ads are therefore a very effective method, to generate leads for your WhatsApp-Messenger and messure your campaigne.

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