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We help companies to communicate better with their customers

We make all companies chat, regardless of company size, easy as pie and GDPR compliant!

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We've been living Messenger for years and sharing our chat love with our customers!

We know from our own experience how other companies think about Messenger. For us, this was either too expensive or too complicated. That's why we decided in 2020 to work with Müller Medien to build our own product for medium-sized companies that is intuitive and inexpensive.

What defines us

Years of experience

and expertise in the areas of messengers, apps, startups, and medium-sized companies

Privacy by Design

everyone should have access to a simple and GDPR compliant application

Flexible and agile

we react quickly to the market and the needs of our customers

We 💛 medium-sized companies and enable them to optimize and digitize their communication with just a few clicks. Our vision is to provide every company with a professional and intuitive chat service at a price that is affordable for everyone.

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Our values

We don’t need an extra “women’s day”, we value and respect all employees every day.

Remote work is not a trend for us, but daily business. And the best thing about it: our colleagues can work from anywhere.

We are particularly proud of our diverse team, making our customers more successful with passion and personal responsibility.

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Our mission

Anyone who thinks we can only do small is wrong. Our product is highly scalable and ideal for companies with one or thousands of locations or employees.</p>
<p>And we succeeded. We're proud to be in over 25 industries and have hundreds of happy customers.

Oliver Kremers, CEO

Our partners

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