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Messenger for retailers offers these fantastic benefits

Messenger applications in retail (Image: Freepik)

More success in retail: This is why messengers are an important building block for the digitization of retail.

Get closer to the customer with messenger marketing

The corona pandemic has clearly shown that retailers also have to rely on digital channels in order to stay in contact with their customers. Your own website or an online shop, an entry on Google My Business and a presence on social networks are must-have nowadays – even for small shops!

It is also essential to use messengers for communication. With Web chats , WhatsApp and Telegram you always stay in contact with your (potential) customers – even when your business is closed.

The independence of shop opening hours is not the only advantage of the Messenger marketing !

Messenger use cases for retail

The following examples show how you as a retailer or shop operator can properly use the advantages of WhatsApp and Co.

Communication of opening times

When is your store open and when is it closed? Are there currently any special opening times? Answer this important question from your customers via chat.

Agreements for appointment shopping

Do your customers want to come by to collect or try on goods they have ordered? You can easily set up appointments for appointment shopping, technically known as Click & Meet, via your chat channels.

Fast customer advice

Do your customers have questions about a book or do they need tips for a birthday present? With a messenger you can offer digital advice very well.

Purchase incentives via newsletter

“Our new shoe collection will arrive soon!” or “Starting today: discounts for school beginners”: This kind of information can be sent via Telegram and other messengers – including suitable photos and videos.

Selling through Messenger

If you as a retailer don’t run an online shop, messengers can – to a certain extent – serve as a substitute. Customers can then use chat to order, for example, their urgently needed bicycle tires or the latest crime novel by their favorite author.

Gather feedback

What should you improve in your range? How professional is the advice given to your employees? Listen to your customers’ feedback! Our guide explains how you can get this via Messenger “ This is why online reviews are important to your success ”.

Brisk support

If your customers have urgent questions about the use of a product or something does not work as expected, they need help quickly. You give them to them via a chat function. If you rely on smart chatbots here, they will significantly relieve your telephone hotline.

Extended product information

Is the new type of cheese really lactose-free? How vegan is the make-up set? Give your customers the right answers to their product questions via Messenger. It’s very easy: Place a QR code on the packaging that leads to a chat channel.

Modern recruiting

Accelerate your recruiting process! Offer applicants to write to you via Telegram, Facebook Messenger or another channel and apply for an open position.

Important tip: speed up the contact process!

So that interested parties, customers or applicants can communicate with your company via Messenger as quickly as possible, you have to make the way there as easy as possible. How it works? Point out the possibility of chatting in all of your channels: on your company website, in your Facebook profile or your Instagram bio .

If you are using WhatsApp, you should use the so-called Click-to-chat function to use. About a free WhatsApp click-to-chat generator you create the appropriate link. Or a QR code that you can hang, for example, as a printout on the window pane of your shop.


No matter how small or large your store is, as a retailer you should take every opportunity to connect with your customers. Messenger are a first-class way to be easily available – even after work, on weekends or during a lockdown. Use this to make your business more digital and more successful!

Image: Freepik

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