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The little “etiquette” for better messenger communication

Messenger communication rules of conduct (Image: Freepik)

When communicating with customers via Messenger, you should adhere to certain etiquette. We have 18 important tips ready.

Netiquette also applies to WhatsApp, live chat and the like

Regardless of whether you work as a hairdresser, bookseller, craftsman or online shop operator – an old saying applies to all entrepreneurs: The customer is king!

No company can survive without customers. So it is important to always be friendly, courteous and honest. These properties are more important than ever today. Because of the internet, your competitors are sometimes just a click away.

What many like to forget: Good manners on the internet are also a must and not a nice-to-have. The etiquette (in the online area one speaks of the netiquette) applies here as in the “real world”.

Why good online manners are so important

The internet offers many advantages. For example, you can communicate with (potential) customers quickly and easily via Messenger. And that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can even do this from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

But the online exchange has one major disadvantage: You neither hear nor see your counterpart. You don’t know if the person is happy, upset, in a good mood, or in a bad mood right now.

If she were standing in front of you in the store, you could quickly find out from the facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice in which emotional situation the person you are speaking to is. These components are missing when communicating via the web.

That means you always have to try to interpret a messenger message a little. You ask yourself: Did the customer mean that as precisely as he wrote it? Are his statements really to be taken literally? Is there sarcasm between the lines? Or did he forget to give some information in the rush?

The same applies vice versa: if a customer receives a WhatsApp message from you, for example, they will ask themselves similar questions.

For companies: The most important rules of conduct for messenger communication

In order to avoid misunderstandings and problems, you should learn certain manners. To make this easier for you, we have put together a little “messenger etiquette”.

These are our special tips, especially when it comes to the exchange between companies and customers:

  1. Always be friendly, courteous, and respectful.

  2. Always respond to your customers’ questions, requests and feedback. Be as specific as possible here, so that there are no unnecessary questions or misinterpretations come up.

  3. Use not only text messages, but also images, location information or voice messages if these improve and accelerate customer communication.

  4. Is something not very clear to you? Don’t make guesses, just ask. Formulate your question in such a way that your messenger contact can answer it precisely.

  5. Try to automate your answers as much as possible – for example using saved text modules or the use of chatbots. That saves time and money. But note tip no. 2: Don’t just send standard phrases, but address each customer as individually as possible.

  6. Don’t be too formal, because messenger communication is easy. But never be casual or dubious.

  7. Jokes or sarcasm are a no-go. For one thing, everyone understands humor differently. On the other hand, humor has no place in serious customer communication.

  8. Try to use as few emojos as possible. Because: Emojis can be misunderstood .

  9. “You” or “you” – how do you address your customers? The “you” is common, but it is not a must. Ask yourself: what suits my clientele best? How else do I communicate? Record your decision and stick with it.

  10. Don’t write texts that are too long, but don’t be too short either. Find the right lengthby asking yourself: What needs to be in the message because it is important? What can you find out because it does not contain any important information?

  11. Do you write a lot of text? Then think about legibility! Create nice formatting by dividing text into paragraphs.

  12. Always pay attention to your spelling, even if you are in a hurry! This underlines your image as a serious business partner.

  13. Respond to inquiries as soon as possible. If you don’t have time, answer with sentences like “Thank you for the message. I’ll get back to you soon. ” Ideally, you use automated messages for this.

  14. Messenger are perfect for newsletters and promotional information. But don’t overdo it! And make sure that your contacts even consented to the sending of advertising content.

  15. Do not conduct private exchanges via a business messenger channel.

  16. Never pass on company or customer data! Always pay attention to data protection by only GDPR-compliant messengers using.

  17. Don’t be a pushy seller! Customer communication doesn’t mean that you have to constantly advertise something. Put your help and advice in the foreground.

  18. When the communication with a customer is over, thank you for the exchange. And ask him to give you feedback – for example in the form of a review on a rating portal .


Regardless of whether offline or online: attach great importance to correct manners! Internalize the rules of conduct of the “messenger etiquette” and share the tips with your colleagues. If you observe the netiquette together, nothing stands in the way of a flawless, professional exchange via messenger and a successful business.

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Image: Freepik

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