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This is why online reviews are important to your success

Messenger and Reviews (Image: Freepik)

Why should you know exactly how your company is rated on the internet? And how do you get good reviews?

When customers stay away

“Oh, we don’t need the Internet for our business” or “I’m not interested in what’s on the net”: Do you know such statements? They usually come from entrepreneurs who still reject the so-called new media. Your business is running, online marketing and other forms of online business are therefore rejected. Something like that only costs time and money and is of no use – so the tenor.

A big mistake. This was shown, among other things, by the corona crisis with its constant lockdowns. And what many Internet refusals like to forget: Despite their web abstinence, people write, discuss and judge them – for example in the form of online reviews and ratings.

In the worst case, customers stay away and sales collapse because the network’s reputation is bad. But the online refusal does not notice anything … or worse: he does not act.

Don’t copy this bug!

It doesn’t work without online reviews and ratings

The modern customer is on the Internet a lot. Before he books a vacation, he checks the hotel reviews. If he is looking for an apartment or a house to buy, he checks the property valuations. If he wants to get a new car, he checks the dealer reviews. If he wants to go out to eat, he checks the restaurant reviews. If he needs a craftsman, he checks the craftsman ratings. And if he wants to buy a product, he checks the product reviews.

There are numerous platforms and websites on the web where you can find ratings and reviews. These include, for example, Google Maps, Das Örtliche, Holidaycheck, Kununu, Meinungsmeister and Amazon.

Ratings and reviews are helpful for prospects or customers to make a decision. The opinion of the others often depends on where they order their pizza, get their haircut or which craftsman they call.

Reviews: The four main advantages

Therefore, as an entrepreneur or decision-maker, you should take the topic seriously:

Buy recommendation

As already mentioned, reviews and star ratings are an important factor in the purchase decision of your (potential) customers. If many buyers rave about your product or give your service top marks, that’s a positive signal.


The reputation of a company or an independent service provider is important in order to win new customers and to keep existing ones. The number of good grades and positive reviews strengthen your image and the charisma of your (personal) brand.


In order for your company website or individual subpages to rank well on Google and other search engines, you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). One factor that is growing in importance is online reputation, which includes reviews and ratings.

Customer opinion

What do the guests of your restaurant think of your food? How satisfied are you with the repair of your car? How friendly does your team seem? You can get this kind of feedback from the reviews. Use this to make your offers better!

Great tips on how to get ratings and reviews

Getting your customers’ feedback isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here is some practical advice:

Kindly ask for it

Have you ever asked your customers, clients or guests to rate them on Google, Das Örtliche or a specialist portal? If not, then you should do it urgently!

Take your customers by the hand

If you say “It would be nice if you rate us on Google” when you see your customers saying goodbye, that’s a good measure. But in most cases it probably fizzles out because your request is quickly forgotten. Or because it seems cumbersome to look for the rating portal.

So make it as easy as possible for your customers! Take her by the hand figuratively by removing all hurdles. It works like this, for example:

  • Use a messenger, for example WhatsApp via Chatwerk.de, and ask your customers for a rating. And after they had a positive experience with you and your company. It’s quick, easy and happy to be implemented immediately. A link in Messenger leads directly to your preferred rating platform.

  • Give your customers a flyer on which, in addition to your friendly request for a rating, you can also place a large QR code. The link in the QR code leads directly to your preferred rating portal.

  • Encourage your customers to give you their feedback in your store. Place small cardboard displays on the tables of your restaurant, put a printout on the counter of your cosmetic studio or place a display in the entrance and exit area. Again, it should be a big one QR code for taking photos give.

  • Do you send newsletters? Place your request for ratings and reviews in these, for example in the e-mail footer or as a news post.

Look for continuity

Always remember to get feedback from your customers. Integrate the query into your processes. For example: Do you chat with your customers often? When a chat ends, ask for a rating at the end. You can integrate the link to Google and other review portals right away. With WhatsApp Business and tools like ChatWerk such standard procedures can be saved and quickly called up at any time.

Find the right time

When is your customer in the best position to leave a review? When is he in the best mood for a good review? Think carefully about this.

Two negative examples of when asking for feedback is inappropriate:

  • Your customer has just made an appointment or ordered a product.

  • The customer was dissatisfied with your product or service.

Think about when the time is right to ask your customer about a small favor – their review.

Mistakes to Avoid

When dealing with the topic of online reviews, you can’t be too engaged. These are three no-gos:

Nerves, nerves, nerves

Some bad reviews arise because a customer is annoyed – and from the intrusive or repetitive request for a review. So don’t be too pushy, for example by sending pushy requests via email or chat.

And: Always be friendly, never unfriendly or sloppy. If someone doesn’t want to give you a rating, then you have to accept that.

Reward reviews

“Leave us a review and we’ll give you a voucher” – this type of reward might be a good way to go – but it puts you on thin ice. There have already been several complaints because companies have “bought” (good) ratings through discounts and similar measures. Be careful with such measures, it is best to leave them alone.

Buy reviews

It is illegal to buy reviews, for example for Google Maps. Because this approach violates competition law, which can lead to lawsuits. In addition, you should always keep in mind: The readers of reviews are not stupid! If you see too many positive and embellished reviews, this is noticeable. That doesn’t shed a good light on your company.


As various surveys show, customers rely on customer voices from the Internet when making a purchase decision. It looks similar with the choice of the hairdresser, the restaurant, the massage practice or the plumber. Your online reputation is therefore essential for your business.

You will also receive important feedback on your company, its products or services via reviews and ratings. If someone is dissatisfied or has a suggestion for improvement, you can find out about it on the Internet. Always listen to your customers here!

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