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Gastronomy: This is the best way to use messengers

Do you run a restaurant and / or a delivery service? We show how you can become more successful with messengers.

Messenger as an important customer channel

Suddenly everything was closed. And that for many, many months. The corona pandemic has hit some entrepreneurs, especially gastronomy operators, hard. Offers such as pick-up food and delivery services were able to cushion the economic downturn.

What was particularly evident in the Corona crisis: All companies, including restaurants, have to seek and maintain contact with their customers. Messenger play an important role here.

Messenger applications for restaurants and other catering establishments

We’ll show you how you Whatsapp , the Facebook Messenger , Telegram and similar chat programs can be used to generate more sales in lockdowns and “normal” times.


“Is your restaurant open today?”, “Do you have to wear a mask when you pick up your food?”, “Is there an extra charge for the delivery service?”

Such questions are often troublesome for restaurant operators. You can answer them quickly via Messenger. Ideally, you should prepare a few text modules for the frequently asked questions. Or you can use a chatbot that takes care of answering independently.


Inform your loyal guests about the current menu or about the lunch specials for the coming week. Telegram and Co. are ideal for sending information such as a newsletter.


Would you like to reactivate regular guests who have not been to your restaurant for a long time or who have used the delivery service? Then send vouchers via messenger. If you individualize these, you can even see exactly who is taking up your offer and who is not.


Order a pizza via WhatsApp or a “Schnitzel To Go” via Telegram – why not? Offer a messenger service in addition to your regular phone number for orders in order to relieve your hotline, especially at peak times.

Status message

“Your order is now on the way to you” or “Get ready, your pizza will arrive in around 10 minutes”: Short status messages inform your customers when they will receive the ordered food.


Reserving seats can also be done easily via messenger. A chatbot that intercepts the most important questions (number of people, desired time, names) ensures a quick process.

Self ordering

Sounds unusual, but it’s already practiced: In some restaurants and bars, guests can place their orders on-site via messenger. The so-called self-ordering saves the waiters some walking distances and speeds up the processes.

Feedback and ratings

Do you want to know if your guests were happy with the meal? Or are you interested in what you could improve on your delivery service? Ask your customers for their opinion – of course via your messenger channel.

Our guide explains how this works and what you should pay attention to “ This is why online reviews are so important to your success ”.


At the end of April 2021, Telegram introduced an exciting function: payment via messenger. With competitors like Apple iMessage and WeChat this has been possible for a long time, now the other messenger providers are gradually following suit.

For catering establishments, this represents a first-class opportunity to accelerate payment processes and further reduce the handling of cash.

Reading tip: In our article “That brings the future of messengers ”We will show you where the messenger market will develop in the coming years.

Make it as easy as possible for your guests and customers

Messenger communication is only as good as it is used. For example, if you do not make it known that you can order via WhatsApp in your restaurant, nobody will use the offer. That is why the old PR wisdom applies: rattling is part of the craft!

For you, this means: Point out your messenger services on your website, on your Facebook and Instagram page, on your Google MyBusiness entry and wherever else you are active on the net!

Extra tip: With a free WhatsApp click-to-chat generator you will receive a special link that leads directly to your WhatsApp chat. In addition, the online tool generates a QR code that can be easily printed on flyers, posters and your menus.

Bundle your channels

Do you really get into the so-called Conversational Marketing one, you will soon be able to celebrate your first successes. This has a positive effect on your sales.

If communication is via Messenger, you will receive numerous inquiries – and possibly on several channels. Then it is necessary to professionalize the processes and make them more efficient.

With a unified messaging solution like Chatwerk you bundle the entire messenger exchange in one interface that several employees can access. In addition, your team can easily create text modules and prioritize requests.

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