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(VIDEO) What Messenger Marketing can do for your business

Unified Messaging API

Messenger communication has not been a global phenomenon only in recent years. WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and co. are no longer just used privately. Three-quarters of people worldwide are already looking for contact with companies via social media and messengers in 2021 (Monthly Active User | 2021).

There is no question that a company wants to get in touch with this large number of potential customers. Despite this, many companies in Germany in particular are still struggling with this unfamiliar communication medium. So how exactly do messengers work in online marketing?

Messenger marketing offers companies many opportunities. More than just sending a message, an all-in-one messenger solution like ChatWerk makes it easy to generate and convert leads in four phases. First of all, you should create interest among your customers and direct them to the inbox via touchpoints in communication, campaigns and messengers. Then you qualify your leads. For example, assign them a concern and a status. In the sales phase, you can either have the sale processed independently or forward it to controlling via CRM or handover. In the last phase, after sales, you can handle your customer support via the familiar entry channel or CRM.

With Messenger use via ChatWerk you have the opportunity to provide customer service from A-Z: from B like booking viaClike customer relationship to D like reporting damage, anything is possible.

A real life example of messengers in customer communication is Nuts&Golden. With the ChatWerk Inbox, the company not only achieved better customer service. Due to the high customer use of messengers and the quick setup of the ChatWerk inbox, customer issues can be resolved faster and more efficiently. Instead of telephone and email support that is difficult to plan, Nuts&Golden can fall back on unbureaucratic and less formal live chat. In addition, there is a cost saving of €240 per month due to the elimination of a secretarial service.

The company was able to work more effectively within just a few weeks and make 70% of customer inquiries via WhatsApp, which, among other things, has also led to higher employee satisfaction.

Do you also want high customer benefits, immediate cost savings and high employee satisfaction?

Watch the whole talk by our CEO Oliver Kremers for MMC and find out what is possible for YOUR company with messenger marketing.

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