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What is Threema Work and should you use it for your business?

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What is Threema Work?

The chat app Threema has a new extension: Threema Work. According to their own statement, the Swiss messenger company designed the Work Chat app for companies that want to contact all employees quickly and easily. Threema advertises that it is easy to use and has many functions. It should also be possible to contact employees without a permanent workplace or business mobile phone. The app adheres to the respective company guidelines, which the company can set itself in the app. Processes can be automated, which according to Threema should save costs. The app offers a Threema broadcast that can be used to contact all employees, specific departments, or external recipients. A messenger newsletter, interactive chatbots, centrally managed group chats and distribution lists are included. The Threema Work “Management Cockpit” can be used to determine who can use the app. Furthermore, statistics can be created that show the use of Threema Work in the company.


Is Threema Work free?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot install Threema for free. Threema Work costs €1.82 per device, per month.


When should you install Threema Work?

The messenger Threema Work is specially designed for the use of official communication. With a phone number or email, employees can log in and chat with each other. The chat app promises complete end-to-end encryption. You should install Threema Work for free if you’re just looking for an app to make it easier for your employees to communicate with each other.


Who is Threema Work suitable for?

Threema Work is particularly interesting for large companies with many locations and employees. With the Threema Broadcast, all employees can be informed about processes at the same time, which makes work easier, especially for larger companies.

When should you use ChatWerk?

In contrast to Threema Work, ChatWerk is not an app with just one messenger, but combines all popular chat messengers in one inbox as a multi-messenger app. While Threema Work is limited to internal communication (internal to the company), ChatWerk enables instant messaging with customers (B2C). All communication can be assigned to specific employees. A note function is also available in ChatWerk. QR codes that can be generated make your customers aware of your available chat messengers and make it particularly easy to contact your company. ChatWerk is always GDPR-compliant. ChatWerk is available in the browser, as a desktop app or as a native mobile app.

Learn more about the ChatWerk All-in-One Messenger solution in this video:

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Who is ChatWerk suitable for?

ChatWerk specializes in small and medium-sized companies, but is infinitely scalable and therefore also recommended for enterprise companies. Regardless of whether you work alone or in a team, with the inbox for all messengers you always have your customer service in view. And when your company grows, your ChatWerk inbox simply grows with it! Add new employees or entire locations, you never lose track of things.


While Threema Work focuses on internal communication between employees, ChatWerk is your helper for modern customer communication, whether customer service, sales or recruiting. Talk to your customers like friends and pick them up on the messengers they use most. You save time and increase employee and customer satisfaction. Register for free and test ChatWerk Free.

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