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Success story from nuts & golden: 70% of all customer inquiries via WhatsApp

Nuts and Golden are a young, dynamic startup team that specializes in high-quality stationery and accessories for planning and organizing everyday work. The special feature: You are committed to the traditional printing trade and produce regionally and with a lot of passion in a printing house in Karlsruhe.

Since nuts & golden decided on ChatWerk at the beginning of September 2021, their customer behavior has changed completely. 70% of all customer inquiries are already made via chat, primarily WhatsApp.

Thomas Karcher: I’ve been looking for a quick and lean solution like this for quite a while.

A surprise promotion for better conversions

Below we quote the LinkedIn post by Thomas Karcher, managing director at nuts & golden

“WhatsApp? Please not another communication channel!
Why then? Our processes are perfectly coordinated with e-mail communication.
Yes, exactly, our processes.

Customer friendliness, however, means getting involved with the needs of customers and aligning processes with them. What is already growing for me in the print shop and in the pure B2B environment has nutsandgolden left a bang in B2C 3 weeks ago.

We opened WhatsApp Messenger as a support channel in a hurry and are already recording 70% of inquiries via the messenger service.

This is not only world class for our customers, but also for us. We can react quickly and unbureaucratically and take the pressure off the phone, which we still cannot reasonably get busy all the time.

Does that also work in B2B? I think so. Communication becomes faster and less formal. Even by email. A quick inquiry and request for an assessment often paves the way to larger productions.

By the way, we were really busy trying to find a solution until I got Stella Weickl from ChatWerk got to know. It took less than a week from the first meeting to onboarding and go-live. “

Nuts and Golden product

We at ChatWerk are very happy about this success story, even we were surprised by the number of 70% of all customer inquiries via WhatsApp. Companies and decisions like these by Thomas pave the way for simple and personal communication with companies.

Would you also like to be customer-centric? Book our product for free or take out a ChatWerk package and get started like Thomas!

And if you are also interested in nuts & golden, just send them a WhatsApp and get advice or buy directly – the perfect gift for your employees.

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