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WhatsApp vs. Telegram: which messenger is better?

WhatsApp and Telegram vergleichen

WhatsApp and Telegram have a lot in common. But on closer inspection, there are a few striking differences. That’s them.

Comparison: Telegram versus WhatsApp – who does better?

WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide. This puts the messenger way ahead of its competitors. But some of these are catching up rapidly. Is a hot competitor Telegram , which broke the 500 million active user barrier in January 2021.

Telegram is currently one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives, and more and more companies and private individuals are installing the messenger. And then … there is often some disillusionment.

At first and second glance, Telegram looks like WhatsApp and uses it exactly as it is. The top dog and its competitor have some things in common. If you take a closer look at Telegram, you will notice that there are a few clear differences to WhatsApp.

Similarities and differences between Telegram and WhatsApp

These are the biggest differentiators between Telegram and WhatsApp – and at the same time also the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the two messengers.

Telegram: the advantages

  • The biggest difference to WhatsApp is currently the channel function. This can be compared to a publicly available newsletter. Anyone can follow a channel, but only the administrator can post messages. Comments are not possible.

  • As with WhatsApp, Telegram also has groups where everyone can write something. The Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 members, with WhatsApp only 256 are possible.

  • Another strong plus point: the very simple chatbot integration. There are thousands of chatbots for Telegram that perform simple as well as complicated tasks.

  • You can send any type of file via Telegram (for example zip files), not just pictures and videos.

  • In some cases, chats and chat content (e.g. pictures) can be provided with a self-destruct timer.

  • You can use the “people nearby” function to find new contacts in the vicinity.

  • Since April 2021 it has been possible to pay for products or services directly via Telegram. Or tip the pizza delivery guy.

  • Cloud storage: If you lose your mobile phone or switch to another device, the non-secret chat histories are available again after logging in.

The disadvantages of Telegram

  • Cloud storage is also a negative point. Because hackers or other unwanted people could get access to your chat history.

  • The chats are not end-to-end encrypted by default.

  • The background to Telegram is a bit nebulous. The messenger was originally developed in Russia, the company is now based in Dubai and several other countries.

Pro WhatsApp

  • The messenger is very popular and is considered a must-have in communication

  • All chats are end-to-end encrypted and therefore secure. Operator Facebook cannot “read” messages either.

  • WhatsApp can be used with the WhatsApp Business API Use 100% GDPR-compliant.

Contra WhatsApp

  • The Standard messenger does not meet the requirements of the GDPR. Companies should therefore use the data protection-compliant WhatsApp Business API.

  • The image is scratched, among other things by the sometimes unsuccessful public relations work of Facebook. Despite some false reports in the press, the following applies: The messenger remains secure .

  • With “normal” WhatsApp, an account is tied to a cell phone number or device. Use on multiple devices is possible with the WhatsApp Business API.

  • There is no news stream à la Telegram. And the group size is significantly smaller.

WhatsApp versus Telegram: who is better?

If you look at the feature list, Telegram is ahead. With the channel function, the chatbot integration and the payment options, the messenger offers a few strong advantages over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has a currently unbeatable advantage: its gigantic distribution. Two billion users, around 60 million of them in Germany – that’s a house number. Anyone who does not use the messenger is on the sidelines, both privately and professionally.

What you should never forget: The developers of WhatsApp regularly publish updates. As a result, some supposed functional advantages quickly shrink. In addition, owner Facebook has big plans. This includes, among other things, a payment function.

What does that mean for your business?

You shouldn’t think in an either / or scheme. Telegram and WhatsApp each have a large range and many great functions. Take advantage of this by using your Messenger marketing or conversational commerce offer both chat tools to exchange ideas with your prospects and customers.

So that you don’t have to handle several apps at the same time, there are Chatwerk’s inbox . It combines several messenger channels under one surface. So you and your colleagues have a quick and easy overview of all chats.

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