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WhatsApp Click to Chat: 3 Ways to Get More Customers

WhatsApp Click to Chat, 3 Ways to Get More Customers

Already knew? With a link, QR code or an advertisement, you can guide your customers directly into your WhatsApp chat. That’s how it is done.

Alternative 1 – Free WhatsApp Click to Chat Link: The fastest way to your WhatsApp messenger

There is a very good and easy way that your customers can contact you directly via WhatsApp. They don’t even have to type in or save your mobile phone number.

How it works? Via a so-called WhatsApp Click to Chat function!

That means: Your customers click on a special link – technically known as the wa.me link – which leads directly to a chat with you or your company.

This is how you create a WhatsApp click-to-chat link in 3 steps

  1. Open the free WhatsApp click-to-chat generator by ChatWerk.
  2. Include your WhatsApp number (usually your business phone number). In addition, you can type in a message that the customer should see at the beginning of the chat.
  3. Create the link with the wa.me generator. Complete.
WhatsApp Link Generator from Chatwerk

WhatsApp Link Generator

Create a Click to Chat link on WhatsApp in just 4 steps.

Alternative 2 – Even better than wa.me link: Create Click to Chat WhatsApp using a QR code

You can use the wa.me link that you generated via the WhatsApp link generator on your company website, in your company blog, on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. With one click, prospects and customers land in your WhatsApp messenger.

That’s not all! Because the practical online tool creates a link and a QR code at the same time.

QR codes are the square “pixel images” that are often used on product packaging and advertising posters. Information is encrypted in them, for example the link to your WhatsApp messenger.

How do QR codes work?

Scan the QR code (Image: Freepik)

QR stands for “quick response”, which translates as “quick response”. That’s exactly what it’s about: If a customer takes a photo of your QR code, their smartphone automatically forwards them to your WhatsApp chat. Your customers usually do not need a special QR scanner app for this, as more and more standard photo apps recognize and read the codes independently.

This way, there is no media break. Your customers will be happy because they can get in touch with you quickly – even when you are on the go. This type of communication ( Called conversational marketing ) has been proven to increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales.

Tips on how and where to use QR codes correctly

Does it make sense to put a QR code on a website? Yes. When someone is out and about on their stationary computer and wants to chat with you quickly via WhatsApp.

In addition, you should use the QR code “offline” as much as possible. Because here it is usually difficult to communicate long or complicated web addresses.

Here are a few inspirations where the “pixel codes” unfold their full potential:

  • Stick a poster with the QR code on the shop door or in your shop window. For example, because you had to close your business because of a shutdown. Make it clear to your (potential) customers that you can always be reached via WhatsApp despite the shop closing and that you will be happy to answer their inquiries.
  • Does your restaurant or ice cream parlor currently have a special offer? Point out the offer with a customer stopper. Interested parties can order your promotional product immediately using the WhatsApp QR code.
  • Do you want your customers to come back soon? Then let them make an appointment via WhatsApp! Put out flyers in your shop, massage practice or hair salon. Or how about a large roll-up in the entrance area? Regardless of which advertising material you use: Make sure that a large, easy-to-photograph QR code is used with the wa.me link.
  • Craftsmen travel a lot and are in demand. How about if you hand out business cards on which you place a QR code with an integrated wa.me link? This will prevent your customers from calling you day and night. Instead, you chat with them whenever it suits you.
  • How satisfied are your customers with your service? How good did you like the food? How beneficial was the massage? A QR code can either lead to a feedback chat via WhatsApp or to a review page.

Alternative 3 – Bring Facebook & WhatsApp together with Click to WhatsApp Ads

Do you run a business Facebook messenger, are you active on Instagram and also use WhatsApp for your customer communication? Great, then you have three important basic requirements to make your company known and at the same time to get in touch with your customers.

Do you know how to crown these measures? By referring your Instagram and Facebook fans to your WhatsApp chat to be able to communicate with them quickly and directly.

How it works? With the “Click to WhatsApp” function.

WhatsApp Ads on Facebook Ads Manager

Click to WhatsApp Ads: What Does It Mean?

Click to WhatsApp, sometimes also written Click2WhatsApp, is an interesting feature in the Facebook cosmos. Because Instagram, WhatsApp belong to the Facebook group. This is increasingly growing together.

With Click to WhatsApp you add a button to your ads on Instagram and Facebook. This is why the function is correctly spelled out as Click to WhatsApp Ads.

Pros: Why do you need Click to WhatsApp Ads?

On Facebook and Instagram, nobody sees all the posts from the friends and messengers they follow anymore. The reason: an algorithm sorts out what you see and what not. So he does a sorting.

Companies in particular get a big disadvantage because their content is only shown to a fraction of their followers. Many of their reports fizzle out. You can prevent this by using an advertising budget to promote your posts on Instagram and Facebook. So you have to buy your range.

If you place ads, they have to work as well as possible. Often it is about “converting” a user: As a rule, they should click on a link and then carry out an action – for example, buy a product in your online shop.

Another form of conversion is quick communication with you or your company. For example, to make an appointment or to give you feedback on a topic.

The Click to WhatsApp Ads are predestined for this. If a user clicks on the button integrated in the ad, he ends up directly in your WhatsApp chat. You can start immediately – without interruption or other “show stoppers”.

Example: This is how you can use Click to WhatsApp Ads

Let’s say you run a fashion business. If you receive new goods, you take a photo of them and use the picture to create a Click to WhatsApp ad. The ad says something like “New jeans arrived. What size do you need? Write us a message! “

You encourage a dialogue with the advertising. If your customers respond to this, you will find out their dress size so that you can put the matching jeans back. And you encourage them to make an appointment to try them on via chat. If your shop is closed due to a lockdown, you can simply make an appointment to pick up the jeans.

Requirements: You need this for the special Facebook ads

Getting started with Click to WhatsApp Ads is quite simple:

  • You need to have a business Facebook Page and be the administrator of it.

  • With WhatsApp you need a business account. You get it by setting up WhatsApp Business or by using the WhatsApp Business API , which is integrated in ChatWerk.
    Important: You can’t do that with the “normal” version of WhatsApp!

  • Link Facebook with WhatsApp by entering your WhatsApp data in the Facebook settings.

WhatsApp Click to ADS Campaign

Quick guide: How to create the Click to WhatsApp Ads

  1. You place the ads in the Facebook ad manager. You can reach it under https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/ or via the Facebook navigation.

  2. Start a new campaign and select “News” under “Campaign goal”.

  3. Take a close look at the following options for your ad placement. Make the appropriate settings.

  4. In the process of creating an ad, there is a point called “Call to Action”. Select the WhatsApp option here.

  5. At the end of the procedure you can start your Click to WhatsApp Ad by clicking on “Publish”.

Note: Facebook changes the design of its ad manager from time to time. This is why it is advisable to do this before creating the ad read the official instructions .

Use every opportunity for customer communication

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to ask you questions, order products or give feedback! A very good way is the Click-to-WhatsApp function – be it as a pure link, QR code or WhatsApp Ads on Facebook Ads Manager.

The latter in particular is a wonderful way of connecting the offline world with the online world. Minimal effort, maximal success – sometimes it can really be that simple.

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