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The difference between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

Difference WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business API

In this video Stella explains exactly how and why your company should use the WhatsApp Business API.

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The WhatsApp messenger service offers many uses for companies. A distinction is made between WhatsApp, WhatsApp for Business and the WhatsApp Business API. In this post we explain how these versions differ and help you to find the right one for your company.

You don’t know which WhatsApp version suits you and your company? In this article you will find all the information that is relevant to you.

WhatsApp standard version

Let’s start with the conventional WhatsApp app. The normal app is only intended for private communication. Means that commercial use is excluded in the terms of use. As an entrepreneur, you are therefore not allowed to contact your customers via the private WhatsApp app.

In addition, GDPR and data protection are not guaranteed for private use. So this version of WhatsApp is out of the question for your business.

whatsapp business difference

Differences between WhatsApp for Business and the WhatsApp Business API

If you have a company and answer your customer inquiries on your own, the WhatsApp Business App could be enough for you. As soon as you want to chat with several colleagues at the same time, you should use the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp for Business does not automatically comply with GDPR.
Make sure that the mobile phone you are installing the app on does not have any contacts saved in your phone book. This is important because the WhatsApp for Business app pulls all contacts directly during installation and loads them into the app’s own phone book. Even those who do not yet use WhatsApp and have therefore never agreed to the WhatsApp guidelines. Here, data from third parties would be passed on to WhatsApp without their consent.
With the WhatsApp Business API you are automatically protected from this, as it does not pull the contacts from the phone’s own phone book.

With the WhatsApp Business account you can create a product catalogue, use text modules or enter opening hours.
Means you can present your company and respond to your customers’ inquiries in an organized manner. However, WhatsApp for Business can only be used on a smartphone which makes it difficult to work with multiple colleagues. Several users cannot use the app at the same time.
Furthermore, you cannot use chatbots with WhatsApp for Business. That means you can’t automate your responses.

Conclusion: The WhatsApp Business app should only be used if you can answer the chats on your own and no contacts are saved on your mobile phone.

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chatbot whatsapp business api

The WhatsApp Business API

For small to medium-sized companies, however, the WhatsApp Business API is recommended . This business solution is not free , however, has many useful advantages.

The WhatsApp Business API is the framework on which software companies such as ChatWerk can build important and helpful functions for companies.
The WhatsApp Business API is suitable for everyone for whom at least one of the following criteria is important:
  1. Teamwork
    You can answer chat inquiries with countless colleagues at the same time, assign labels and thus sort and filter chats and keep an overview with full transparency.
  2. GDPR compliance
    Only the WhatsApp Business API guarantees full GDPR compliance. Contacts from phone books are not shared with WhatsApp, users agree to the company’s privacy policy before contacting the company. After 24 hours, users can only be contacted by the company with special WhatsApp templates, this prevents spam and bulk messaging. Users can unsubscribe from the chat messenger at any time with Stop, have their data deleted and thus no longer be contacted by the company.
  3. All messengers, one login
    Where the WhatsApp Business API is, there are also Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Telegram, Webchat and Apple Business Chat.
    With ChatWerk you combine all messengers on one interface and with one login you can answer your customers’ inquiries, no matter which chat messenger they use.
  4. Use of chatbots
    Chatbots can only be integrated and used on the WhatsApp Business API. Would you like to make your customer communication more effective and automate repetitive inquiries? Then the use of a chatbot makes sense.

To get access to an API, a company usually needs so-called “WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider” such as ChatWerk. You can find out more about the WhatsApp Business API here.

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WhatsApp business differences in the guide

Which version of WhatsApp fits your company best?

This guide shows you the common features and differences of the three WhatsApp versions.

Download guide

Here you can see the differences: All WhatsApp versions – advantages and disadvantages

Below we have an overview for you of what distinguishes the three WhatsApp versions and what they have in common:



WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API

Chats mit Text-, Bild- & Sprachnachrichten

Anrufe + Videoanrufe

Ausführliches Unternehmensprofil

Vorstellung von Produkten (“Katalog”)

Schnellantworten mit Textbausteinen

Automatisierte Nachrichten

Austausch, ohne die Nummern im Telefonbuch zu haben

Zugriff von Facebook aufs Telefonbuch (Datenschutz)

“Labels”: Sortierung der Chats in versch. Kategorien




Unterhaltungen stummschalten

Unterhaltungen archivieren

Unterhaltungen löschen

Mehrere Nutzer pro Account

Standardmäßig DSGVO-konform


iOS- / Android-App

Ja, über ChatWerk


Ja, über ChatWerk

Integration von Chatbots


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