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Why the fear of WhatsApp and Co.?

Fear of WhatsApp Business

Social messengers such as WhatsApp or Facebook open up a whole new way of customer contact for companies. However, a study shows that small and medium-sized companies in particular seem to have respect for this.

A survey by the polling institute Forsa on behalf of the Yellow Pages shows that just one in three small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram to advertise services or products or to establish and maintain customer contact. To the survey


Customers want social media presence

The survey showed that every second customer would like SMEs to use WhatsApp and Co. more. The target group between the ages of 18 and 34 in particular moves heavily on these platforms and would welcome a stronger presence. So many companies are currently acting against the wishes of their customers.


WhatsApp and Co. for customer acquisition

The most important thing when using digital platforms is acquiring new customers and marketing. The use of social media offers a new reach to potential customers who are difficult or impossible to reach in other ways. In addition, these platforms are used more and more frequently for recruiting, customer care and internal communication. Social platforms offer companies an easily laid out, simple line to their customers.

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Platform potential not unrecognized

Most of the SMEs surveyed are well aware of the value of digital customer service via WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. 58 percent of the companies describe the use of these platforms as a relevant contribution to business success, especially during the pandemic, as direct customer contact on site can be replaced by WhatsApp chat or Instagram DM.


So why not social media?

There are several reasons why many companies are not involved in social media. Be it the deliberate refusal, because apparently enough other advertising media are already being used, or because there is a lack of staff and knowledge. Other companies shy away from costs and the issue of data protection.

Although many of the companies that currently do not yet use social media recognize its potential, only a few are planning to use it in the future.


No motivation to innovate

Despite the lower sales of many companies during the Corona crisis, WhatsApp and Co. are still not used. Many SMEs only did the “bare essentials” in the digital world (click and collect, digital advice, etc.) and ignored other tools such as online scheduling. The survey also showed that one in three of the companies surveyed has no internet presence at all.

The study makes it clear that there is still a lot of potential in the use of WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., especially for small and medium-sized companies, and that this should definitely be exploited.


Source: Yellow Pages

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