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7 must-have Hubspot integrations for better customer personalisation

7 must-have Hubspot integrations for better customer service

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Why use HubSpot?

HubSpot is a powerful inbound marketing, sales, and customer service tool that can help businesses reach new audiences, increase conversions, and generally improve customer service. With CRM, marketing automation and support software on one platform, nothing stands in the way of improved teamwork.


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How does the ChatWerk Integration with Hubspot work?

What is the Hubspot marketplace for and what are Hubspot integrations?

Integrations are an important part of Hubspot. They make it possible to expand the functions of the application and, for example, to obtain detailed information about companies and target groups in accordance with GDPR. The Hubspot-App-Marketplace is nothing more than Hubspot’s internal “appstore”, where suitable Hubspot app extensions can be searched for.

HubSpot’s API also makes it quick and easy to create a functional app or integration yourself. A test environment and configuration is available for the Hubspot app in the developer account.

Need help finding relevant Hubspot integrations? Don’t worry, we’ve listed the most interesting ones to get you started.

7 Hubspot integrations that help you with a better customer personalization:


1. Echobot CRM Connector

The Echobot CRM Connector integration gives organizations access to GDPR-compliant information about each organization, such as: related employee data, triggering events, breaking news, commercial register and financial data. Company data records with contacts, contact data, financial data, current company news and trigger events for prospective or existing customers can be created quickly. The integration also keeps existing CRM data up to date.

2. Zapier

With Zapier companies have the ability to move information between Hubspot and external apps automatically. Linked apps are created and automated in minutes. The app also offers workflows designed to avoid manual copy and paste. In addition, Zapier offers a lookup function, predictable processes and automatic analysis of the data.

3. Jupita

Jupita is all about capturing as much data as you possibly can from the voice of your customer and is aimed primarily at C-Suite, Sales & Marketing and Product Teams. Jupita provides insights in real-time with visualizations and tools that anyone can use with no prior knowledge of data science tools required! Thus, Jupita enables easy access to information that powers marketing strategies, research and attribution, sales management and coaching, product development, forecasting, compliance and more.

4. ChatWerk

Of course ChatWerk also offers a powerful integration for Hubspot. Every new lead from the ChatWerk inbox is automatically created as a contact in HubSpot. Already known contacts are updated automatically. For every chat conversation that a contact has on Chatwerk, a HubSpot ticket is created and linked to the contact. The tickets are created in the standard ticket pipeline. Hubspot reports show which contacts were chatted with via ChatWerk and how many chats the entire team answered. The chat history is created in HubSpot in a ticket note and relevant customer attributes such as first name, last name, telephone number are transmitted from ChatWerk to HubSpot. ChatWerk notes are also synced to HubSpot. All contacts are synced every 5 minutes, then all contacts and chat notes are updated in HubSpot.

In V2.0 there are some more functions of the integration:
Contact properties are expanded and custom Chatwerk contact properties can be mapped & synced between HubSpot and Chatwerk. You can also set which ChatWerk channels should be synchronized with which HubSpot ticket pipelines. Additional information and direct links to HubSpot will be available in the ChatWerk notes. On the other hand, as of V2.0, information and direct links to ChatWerk are also displayed in the HubSpot properties or notes.

5. Onboarding Plans by Arrows

With the Onboarding Plans by Arrows integration, customer-centric success plans can be created without leaving HubSpot. Syncing HubSpot Deals or Tickets from Hubspot account with customer activity and plan status changes from Arrows plans enable workflow automation, email reminders and keeps customers up to date.

6. MeetRecord AI

As the name suggests, meeting recordings can be archived and organized with MeetRecord AI The integration also offers automatic creation of top highlights, meeting minutes and playlists from top videos. Product features, competitor mentions, and keyword mentions can be tracked and attributed to meeting achievements.

7. Campaign Wizard

Campaign Wizard’s Hubpsot integration is primarily aimed at small teams and offers pre-builtsales, marketing and operational campaigns. Companies can add their own branding and use drag and drop functions to prepare multi-part campaigns (e.g. webinars) more easily. Campaign Wizard adds new and effective campaigns to the library constantly, so there should be something for every application. The app also offers landing page and email templates for immediate use.

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