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ChatWerk is the entrepreneur tip of the week

Jens Polomski
by Jens.Marketing is known for his great tool tips on LinkedIn. That’s why we were particularly pleased that ChatWerk was chosen as a tool tip.

This is what Jens.Marketing writes about ChatWerk:

#ToolTippChatWerk – Made in Germany + free package
ONE inbox for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & more…

How many messengers do you manage to exchange ideas with customers? 🤯 Today’s tool tip does not reduce the number of messengers, but bundles them together effectively and cleverly!

🔵 What can ChatWerk do?

Oliver Kremers‘ tool offers you the opportunity to display various messengers in a clear web interface. You only need one login to respond to various customer queries

🔵 Which messengers does ChatWerk support?

ChatWerk currently supports 6 messengers and covers pretty much everything:

– WhatsApp
– Facebook Messenger
– Telegram
– Google Business Messages
– Instagram
– Your own chat on your website

🔵 Efficient teamwork

The tool offers a number of practical functions, especially when more than one person is working with customer inquiries.

– Assign tags to contacts
– Leave notes for the team
– Use text templates

🔵 CRM and ERP integration (Beta)

In order to manage customer contacts and information even more bundled, ChatWerk also offers a CRM and ERP function. This is currently still in beta.

🔵 How much does ChatWerk cost?

You can start for free (WebChat & 2 messengers). WhatsApp unfortunately generates costs here and is therefore only available in the paid plans.


Click here for the complete LinkedIn post by Jens.Marketing (in German)

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