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Integrate WhatsApp in your Website: 4 easier options

WhatsApp einbinden

Integrate WhatsApp on your website to quickly get your customers into a chat. We’ll show you how it works.

WhatsApp website integration: our tips for beginners

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger with over two billion users worldwide. You put on Messenger Marketing or Conversational Commerce , you can’t get past WhatsApp!

The setup and use is very simple. So that your (potential) customers end up in your WhatsApp chat quickly, you should promote and integrate your Messenger on all social media presences and on your website as well as possible.

“Website” means your company website, your online shop, your company blog, special landing pages and the like. In common parlance, this is often referred to as “homepage”.

The integration of WhatsApp on a homepage is not rocket science. It’s easy to do. We show you different ways and methods.

Option No. 1 | Left

The simplest solution is a simple link. If a customer clicks on this link, he will be forwarded to your WhatsApp chat.

The best way to create the so-called wa.me link is with a free WhatsApp click-to-chat generator . You can find out more about this in our blog post “ Click to Chat: This is how you bring customers into a WhatsApp chat ”.

Option No. 2 | QR codes

With most wa.me generators you can generate a QR code in addition to a special link. These pixel images are suitable for use on websites and especially for offline measures such as posters and flyers.

Option No. 3 | Button

Point out your WhatsApp chat with a colorful icon. For example, use the WhatsApp logo on your homepage and link it to your wa.me link.

Option No. 4 | Widget

Do you want the icon to stay in one place on the screen, no matter how far down your website visitors scroll down? Then you need a widget.

Widgets are mini applications. You can usually get this by installing special plugins for your CMS (Content Management System) on which your website is based.

Embed WhatsApp or live chat in website: 4 free Wordpress plugins to start the conversation

The most widely used CMS in the world is Wordpress. Solo self-employed, start-ups, medium-sized companies as well as large companies use this. Because of its flexibility, it can be used to create company websites, blogs and online shops.

There are currently well over 50,000 plug-ins for Wordpress, many of which are completely free. The wide range also includes numerous extensions to easily integrate WhatsApp into your website.

We can recommend the following five plug-ins:

1) ChatWerk Free Webchat Plugin

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We offer an easy to install web chat plugin for your website. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a free account and follow the steps
  2. Set up your chat function on the website via the header or footer plug-in, the Google Tag Manager;
  3. As soon as the integration is complete, all you need is customers! 🙂

2) Simple web chat

Simple Webchat Wordpress WhatsApp Plugin (Image: Wordpress)

Simple web chat was formerly called Quick WhatsApp. Both names do their name justice.

The German Wordpress extension has a very simple structure and is GDPR-compliant. There are several button designs to choose from. You can integrate it into a company website, blog or WooCommerce shop within minutes.

3) WP Chat App

Do you love having a lot of setting options? Then you will surely like this plug-in. Its options are distributed over several sub-pages, which makes operation a bit cumbersome at first glance.

The English scores for that WP Chat App with fine features. For example, you can specify exactly on which days and at which times of the day the WhatsApp website integration should be visible. It also appears as a floating widget on your page.

4) Click to Chat

This extension is almost as easy to use as Simple Webchat, but it offers more design templates. With Click to chat use simple links, nicely designed icons, wide chat buttons or your own pictures to “promote” your WhatsApp chat.

You can also integrate Google Analytics and Google Ads conversions to measure the number of clicks.


As you can see, it is very easy to link to your WhatsApp messenger on your homepage or online shop. If you use Wordpress plug-ins, you can even customize the appearance of the buttons to suit your taste. And small but fine functions such as the automatic activation or deactivation of the chat function at certain times of the day are the icing on the cake.

Important: If you use WhatsApp in a business context, you should by no means use the standard version of the messenger – it is not GDPR-compliant! You can only meet the high data protection requirements of the EU with the WhatsApp Business API .

Image: Freepik

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